Scene assembly workflow from Maya to Unreal


I have been planning to build scenes/levels in Maya and then export to Unreal using the import to level option.
I did a test with Instancing in Maya and it worked as intended when brought back into Unreal.
On the other hand this could also turn into an issue because you need to have the Static meshes (unique geometry) in Maya before you build the scene using instancing.

Ideally I would want to reference the assets as a external GPU cache in the my Maya assembly scene and then have it export the whole scene to Unreal where it will just update the level (add/remove static mesh instances).

Is there a streamlined way of doing scene assemblies in external DCC packages other than just exporting FBX geometry to unreal?

I saw that there is a T3D format which contains information about actor transforms and reference links to assets. Is there a Plugin which can export T3D file formats from Maya to Unreal?

Is there really no one that tried building levels in Max or Maya?

Bumping this thread one last time.