[SCENE] Apartment on Melbourne (Last of Us fan art)

Hey guys check out my latest piece! Last of Us is my all time favorite game and I wanted to do a fan art piece while recreating a location I am very familiar with, the hallway in my apartment building. All assets were created from scratch. Let me know what ya’ll think! Also check me out over at Art Station. https://www.artstation.com/samdelfanti

Nicely done my man, nicely done.

Thanks man!

Fantastic looking!

It needs a video now :smiley:

I know! I gotta set aside some time to capture and edit one!

This is very well done, love the ligthing and hue effect, really reminds me of my favorite game of all time (too) TLOU! Can’t wait for part 2 my man! keep it up

wow, thank you for sharing and yes do a video :slight_smile:

I think you should do it

Vaya que locura, me encanta, ojala llegue a tu nivel es un trabajo muy bueno, enhorabuena.

wow, really nice work!