[SCENE] Apartment in Izmir

Hello everyone,

I’m so happy to reveal my first project on Unreal Engine 4!
It’s an apartment based in a tower, I took the plans from it, which was an old project.
Took around 3 months to finish this project, while I was creating and learning from scratch…
I didn’t do the modeling, except for really minor things, but I’ve done UV unwrapping by hand for
every single object (which is obvious). There’s at least 1000 sub-object!

The video was captured directly from unreal engine 4.7.6 as a version 1.0 and The build will be
available soon as version 1.1, Currently I’m optimizing it after converting into unreal engine 4.8.1

Thanks to unreal engine community!

Awesome job, Adding interactivity really brings out the potential of UE4.
The only thing I see that is a bit weird is the missing shadows in some of the objects.

Good job!

Hello Ocelotl, thank you for your words…
I had some issues with the shadows and lightning earlier, solved most of them… still working on the others! will release an enhanced version with the Build very soon
thank you!

I use 3ds max flatten mapping for about 99% of my objects. I have a max script that auto unwrap and flatten map all selected object at once. It’s a must have imo. Let me know if you want the script. The script is dead simple, you choose the UV channel and the spacing and voila!

wow! yes please!

Really nice :smiley:

Thanks Stevelois! :smiley: