Scene and RotatingMovement Components Trouble

I’m trying to build up a blueprint BP_Item according to this tutorial:

At 1:50 RotatingMovement required to work, I’ve added Scene and StaticMesh as torus with matherial “gold.” But after adding RotatingMovement my StaticMesh was not moving guring simulator. I deleted all components, create Mesh, added RotatingMovement and only then my torus started to spin like a boss. But I could not rotate it without Scene Component. And it didn’t work after I added it. So:
Adding Scene -> Adding Mesh -> Adding RotatingMovement = Last one is not working
Adding Mesh -> Adding RotatingMovement -> Adding Scene = Last one is not working

On the tutorial RotatingMovement is added in the end of components list, in my situation it is always created in the beginning. Maybe, this is problem?