Scary Shark Pack

Hey everyone, just thought I’d showcase one my new submissions to the marketplace.

This pack includes:
Rigged shark mesh
4k Main Texture
Swim and bite animations
Ragdoll ready physics body
Shark Cage mesh/scene
Shark waypoint blueprint(Spline-based)
Controllable Shark character blueprint

Water shader

Here’s a video preview:

Looks cool, but I feel like the eyes need to be a little darker. Sharks often look like they have blank eyes, but they are usually darker. Either way, nice work. Any idea on a price? :slight_smile:

The eyes are on a separate material from the main texture so i can easily make a few variations. Haven’t confirmed a price, but will be in range from $15-$30

That is very nice and all is included! Great great job ! :wink:

(Would some of us going to remake teh ‘Sharknado’ in UE4 ! :wink: ;))

Looks like a cool Pack. Right now I don’t know what I would do with a shark.
But I am interested in the waypoint system.
Can it be adapted to a vehicle? If yes then that would add lots to the value.
There is no good AI for vehicles out there.

I’ve been waiting for a shark asset. I’m really after a particular animation as well, where the shark flops around (out of water). Will the original files be included so we could be animate this in Maya for example? Or will the assets at least be exportable to a format that can be animated in Maya?

Maybe a mesh version with the upper teeth ridge slightly more inset?

The waypoint is nothing too sophisticated, don’t think it would work for vehicles. It’s mainly just a looped path for the shark to swim.

I exported the UE4 mannequin from the editor to animate myself, if you purchased any other character from the store you can give that a try.

Probably something i can achieve with morph targets, I’ll see what i can do.