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Our packages was created by scanning the full ecosystem. 3D Assets are scanned according to the world scale and the PBR is calibrate. Each 3D Assets comes with meticulously optimized polygone, UVs and LODs. Atlases were calculated using 120 different LED light sources and Surface scans baked over 500 million polygons. This is a complete kit, designed specifically for creating huge, yet detailed environments in your Unity project.

We will release more than 20 environments from desert to snowy forest. You can find all the packages we have developed under this topic.

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---- Arid Landscape ( NANITE Scene) -----

Buy and Details: Arid Landscape (NANITE) in Environments - UE Marketplace

Cinematic Video:

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Beech Forest Ecosystem PUBLISHED…

More than 400 unique assets and 25 types of plants were used in this project. The entire ecosystem was generated from scanned assets with different techniques. #UE5 's new technologies Lumen and Nanite helped us create a photorealistic environment.

Details & BUY: Beech Forest Ecosystem in Environments - UE Marketplace

Cinematic Video:

Real-Time Video:

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