I’m doing architectural visualization for more than 7 years now, and I finally finished my first UE4 project.

This is just a simple scene with minimal interaction (changing the walls color). Would be glad if you walk around and leave your opinion here.

The project is done for learning, so optimization wasn’t the main goal here.

The build archive can be downloaded from my website:

I really liked it. Well done

One of the best projects i’ve ever seen in UE, keep going!

That’s great, man!

But I can’t download the file, the link says that your account has been suspended.

Really nice, well done. :slight_smile:

I’ve tested the executable. This is really nice! No lightmaps artifacts, no bad textures, no faults! It’s really impressive, and smooth… Congratulations for your skills, my friend! If this is just for learning, I can’t imagine what you’ll be able to come up with next to this! :smiley:

Just a question… Did you use individual planks for the wooden floor?

This is really well done, the feeling of immersion is to me even better than Unreal Paris…really clean and polished…only thing I personally would change is the marble of the kitchen, looks too flat…can you make a little tutorial/explanation about your lighting setup? also did you increase the screenpercentage? i’m curious about that cause everything looks so nice and crisp! well done, really well done!