I’m doing architectural visualization for more than 7 years now, and I finally finished my first UE4 project.

This is just a simple scene with minimal interaction (changing the walls color). Would be glad if you walk around and leave your opinion here.

The project is done for learning, so optimization wasn’t the main goal here.

The build archive can be downloaded from my website:


Really great qualitity.

Hi Blessod,

It looks amazing.

What suite did you use to build the assets?

Great Work! what where the most challenging aspects of putting together the scene?

If you’re comfortable with interior visualization - it won’t be a problem to make the models. The most challenging part for me was a correct and effective unwrap of complex models. Although, it still isn’t as ideas as I wanted. I will try to fix the issues in my next project.

Great work!

Hello ,
I can not download the file :frowning:
“The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.”

Hosting bandwidth was over quota. Didn’t expect so much downloads :slight_smile: Already fixed, and the site is working again.

Really clean! I like the dynamic materials you are changing at runtime :slight_smile:

Keep up the solid work!

I just saw this on a German games website. Great job. I especially like the bed sheets and the couch.

Thank you for good reviews.

Now you can download Scandinavian for mac :slight_smile:

blessod, it’s an unbelievable project! It looks like an off line render!
And can I ask you how is it possible to delete the “spawn” sound when you click “PLAY”. I’m not able to understand how to delete the default, ugly sound.
I meant, when you click the big “PLAY” button inside the UE4 editor, you can listen a a sound. Ok, I want delete it or, maybe, change it.


Top work :smiley:

Wonderful. How didn’t I see this? Really splendid work, but where is the bathroom?

Is there a Linux version? Because this looks awesome! And I would love to try it! :slight_smile:

Sorry, only Windows and Mac version

I’ll just look at the video . Even so, Great job man! :slight_smile:

blessod your design is really amazing, not just the architecture but the colors go great together to match the interior as well. Is it possible to see the exterior as well? Is there a backyard with trees and hills? Keep up the good work.

If we have the tech to make games look like this why dont we make them???

The download has been removed.

Any mirrors?