Scandinavian Office - Photorealistic Archviz

Hello Unreal Engine enthusiasts,

I want to share this modern interior scene with you that I have been working on for the past few weeks. I created this project to understand better Unreal Engine 4 and experiment with Lightmass as well as Speedtree:

Architectural meshes were modelled inside 3ds Max and exterior is mainly compiled of Speedtree assets. Majority of props were acquired from and from other brilliant artists.
Lighting setup is quite basic with a Skylight for indirect lighting; lightmass portals around windows and reflection plane/spot light technique behind the windows (thanks koola).

Screenshots taken from the video:

Lightmass settings:

  • Static Lighting Level Scale: 0.1
  • Num Indirect Lighting Bounces: 100
  • Indirect Lighting Quality: 2
  • Indirect Lighting Smoothness: 0.76

Any feedback and/or critique as well as questions are very welcome.

Looks good but I think you should show the space more than the accessories, after all it’s Archviz not accessory viz.

I agree with RI3DVIZ. Nothing really says “Scandinavian Office” when we just see close-ups with shallow depth-of-field.

Your textures and lighting are really great - nice job. I don’t understand why there’s so much floating dust. If the floating dust was that visible, we’d see more dust on the surfaces. The furniture looks fantastic - especially the fiber material on the desk chair.

Would make a great products viz tho!

Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I should have categorized my project more wisely. My main focus was to try and create pretty looking scenes and experiment with lighting, so there isn’t much architectural value in this indeed. I must say I absolutely agree about that floating dust though, the whole room seems way too dusty. Definitely gonna keep that in mind for future projects. :slight_smile:

Not bad, but way too much contrast. Also every single shot is a detail shot with heavy DoF. Some nice camera/angle composition could better show the space.

Beautifully done. Great work. =)

Thanks for the feedback, apprciate it. I suppose I fell in love with Unreal’s Circle DOF so badly that my brain refused to set up any shots over 35mm :smiley: