Scandinavian Apartment 4k

Hello, Guys,
Here is new cover from my speed level design. Hope you like it !!!
play on GTX 980ti baking light 3 hour in production
Please check out my behance and youtube channel. Thank !!!


Absolutely gorgeous.

I have seen it in youtube and it looks perfect. Great work!

thank you !!!
hope you like my youtube channel, cheer.

Wow, really good job, it looks great! A few points on which you can improve (just nitpicking though):

  1. The depth of field is too strong in some shots, especially when combined with the very bright bloom.
  2. Some objects like a few lamps have too little segments on the edges which can easily break the illusion.
  3. The wooden floor boards gap is too thick, which is quite visible in some of the close-up shots.

I hope this can help you with your next project :slight_smile:

yeah thank for your comment
i will improve it in my next project

Very good…!

Wow, this is absolutely stunning. Great job! I can’t wait to integrate VXGI into UE4 later this week.

Very Very Good! I have subcribed on youtube! Ty for all sharing