Scan FX

Scan everything with lasers, x-ray, sonar and enhanced vision!


It’s out now! Get it here:

This pack delivers a lot of scanning effects in the form of laser rays, planes and grids, x-rays, full screen post processing waves and enhanced perception modes such as night, thermal and electro vision.

Everything is highly customizable and each material comes with a variety of options and presets. If the provided materials are not enough: They themselves are constructed in a modular way using material functions. These functions can be used to easily create custom materials, making the pack as flexible as can be.

Each blueprint, material and function is documented directly using comment nodes and description properties.

The pack has been approved by Epic Games and will be released on the 12th of April for 14.99$ It is for Windows and Mac and compatible with 4.13 upwards.


Some neat effects you got there!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Looks interesting :wink:

Very nice!

It’s out now!

Very nice pack!!

its look good and I like the thermal vision fx (fans of predator) good job and congra on your release

Incredible Pack FTC, I am having way too much fun playing around with your effects and building worlds around them.

Only thing I cant seem to grasp is how to trigger the scan wave visualizer through a button. I can’t figure out how it is pulsing automatically. Is it possible to set a pulse up in that way?

The scan wave material master has several boolean parameters. The configuration used in the examples uses the world time minus an offset to advance the wave. Whenever the player enters the visualizers trigger volume the blueprint sets the start offset to the current time and the wave starts from the beginning. You can also toggle looping if you only want one wave instead of steady pulses. Scan Duration then tells the material how long a wave should take to complete.

The scan wave can also be used by directly setting a percent value. To enable this toggle the “Use time for scanning” flag to off and set the material parameter “scan percent”.

The code of the visualizer is documented you can open up the blueprint and look at what it does when overlapping an actor.


Do the lasers support multiplayer?

The lasers are a combination of actor and particle beam component. Each tick the laser checks for hits in its path and adjusts the beam length. They are only cosmetic but should work in multiplayer.

Has anyone on here managed to activate any of these effects using a key press rather than by entering a trigger volume? If so, how did you go about setting it up?

Having a ton of fun with this. I do have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to have more than one effect at the same time? I’m playing with the Sonar effect (I think you call it a ScanWave) and I would like to have more multiple actors emit a pulse at the same time.
  2. Is it possible to change the ScanWave style at runtime? I’ve tried setting the Material Parent but no luck.
  3. Can we change any of the parameters from at runtime? I’m trying to access things like the Scan Duration, Scanlines Color, etc?

How do I add the vision modes to a character to activate when you press a button? I’ve seen this question asked a number of times, however I can’t find an answer.

Very nice, good job.

I’d like to know this as well if the creator is still supporting this asset.

also would like to know the above answer