What numbers would I put into the x and y factors for unreal 4 to make it a 1020 x 1020?

Thank you.

1020 what? 1020 meters? 1020 pixels, 1020 potatoes?

1024 by 1024 standard for game maps. I don’t know if it is pixels or meters or potatoes.

Why go for a “standard” size when you could make it whatever it is required to be?
And UE4 defaults to 1 CM = 1 Unit, So you would need a 102400x102400 sized map for it to be 1024x1024 meters.


Are you referring to importing a heightmap as a terrain? And what scale to set those values to? If your heightmap is 1024 x 1024, then leaving the default of 100x100 will net you a 1024m x 1024m terrain object.

However 1024x1024 is not an efficient size for Unreal Engine terrain objects. For a list of recommended sizes, take a look here.