In the tutorial i watched the person guessed the scalling. A Piller was added and it was (for example) 242 unity high. We know that the roof is at 300. Instead of entering yust a scalling of 300 the person has to deal with a scaling of 1 and gussing it to 1.2 or 1.3…why not just entering 300 unity?

I’m also a little confused about the scale. For here in the forum I saw people talking that the scale is 1cm = 1u.
But in the video tutorials, when the person puts some object picked up of Content Browser, the object always comes as X / Y / Z = 1.

The scale is really 1cm = 1 uu -> one guy from epic games has confirmed it :wink:

Right, scaling in the editor is a scaling factor … so entering 0.5 scales by 50%. The editor doesn’t have the ability to scale with a bounding box or FFD deformer.

But yes, the scale is 1uu == 1cm. A 6’5" character is about 192 units high, for reference.

And where is the problem with just entering numbers?

A pillar with a height of 242 should have a height of 300. Instead of guessing the scaling factor the engine could do the math for me.

242 = 100% Scaling Factor 1.0
300 = 123,967% Scaling Factor 1.239… snapping to grid. At most you have one unit more or less.

Is there a Problem I don’t see?

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