Scaling skeletal mesh


ive been stuck for a few days… Maybe im not looking in the right spot idk… im having issues resizing a skeletal mesh in the ark dev kit.

My plan is to make a platform saddle on a turtle… What ive done is i copied the platform saddle from the sauro, i changed the meshes so that it has the turtle mesh instead of sauro… I changed the tag,description,and crafting to be used on turtle… What happens is ive got the normal turtle saddle with a metal floor phased into the saddle. I can transform the platform floor mesh, move it and rotate it to position it correctly on the turtle… It displays properly (just very large), has proper collision, can be built on…

My problem occurs when i go to resize it. I can see two locations for changing rotation and location, one in the saddle bp and the other in the metal floor skeletal mesh. The skeletal mesh is also where i found the scaling… The default size of the mesh for the sauro is x2.0,y2.0,z2.0 buuuut When i resize the skeletal mesh of the sauro platform floor, to fit the size of the turtle… Halfsize (default mesh size) at X1.0,y1.0,z1.0 works… However when i scale it to anything smaller than 1.0, example 0.5…0.3…0.2 all those smaller sizes all have an invisible floor that can be stood on where the original 1.0 scale used to be. The smaller mesh displays the correct scale… But collision is extended beyond the smaller mesh to where the default 1.0 mesh would normally be.

How would i fix this? Am i looking in the wrong place to scale my platform floor? Should i modify the mesh in blender and reimport smaller mesh from blender and leave scaling default in the ADK?

So to anyone curious… i still i didnt find a way to universally scale a skeletalmesh… I suppose i did find a workaround…

I discovered there were multiple metal floors for platform saddles the sauro and paracer ones are the ones i ended up using, for some reason the paracer metal floor mesh default size is stupid-small… Like half a sleeping bag length… so im using that one as a SmallFloor and scaling it UP until i get the reverse of my other issue. So i i guess scaling a platform floor skeletal mesh too small makes it have an invisible floor… And scaling it too large makes it have the outside edges of the floor have a phasing through effect… Linked to physics collision?

Images are to show the issue with Large sauro floor at normal size and then scaled down with the invisible collision

Anyways so ive got a SmallFloor(slightly upscaled paracer) now and a LargeFloor(slightly downscaled sauro)… It didnt really solve my issue but whatever works i guess…