Scaling questions for Export/Import from Maya2018

I dont really understand, why there is a problem with the scaling of my objects after importing to UE4.

The explanation on this site is my reference:

So this is my maya 2018 test scene, settings are made like in the link above:

The result in UE4 looks like this:

So this is not what I excepted, but after freezing the transformation in maya:

The result is ok, so what am I missing?:

  • In Maya and UE4 I got centimeters for scaling set
  • FBX export scale factor is 1.0

THIS IS ONLY (!) a problem, when the import is done over the Content Browser…

So importing with File->Import Into Level… works

But that depends on the Import Options-> Hierarchy Type attribute.

Create one Blueprint asset: Works perfect… But I get a whole BP_Actor, maybe bit overkill…

Create one Actor with Components: Works and no BP is created, just one Actor in the World. The Cube in the actor has as a static mesh with correctly transfom values. BUT this actor is not replicable, because in the Content Browser is only the static mesh of the Cube !! So no way to use it in another level…

Create Level Actors: Like the one above, but creates a StaticMeshActor in the level. Again with correctly transforms but not replicable…

So this is very confusing… Or again, am I missing something?