Scaling Problems from 3DS Max to UE4

So I’m very new to developing (On all fronts but I’m determined) but I’m having a problem importing meshes from 3DS Max to UE4, I know that Unreal Units = 1cm, So I have made all my models in CM’s in 3ds max. Although when I import them they seem to be much smaller than the included starter architecture and the third person blueprint model. I’m assuming that the starter models and skeleton are the correct size and my models are somehow being imported or built incorrectly, any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there

Make sure that you are Export in cm too.
You can also model in meters and export the model in cm :wink:

Wow… can’t believe I missed that, I figured I would be safe using the default values (Considering I had no idea what half the options were) but I guess even though I built it using centimeters, it defaulted the export units to inches… Thanks so much!