Scaling only part of mesh

Hello, which are the best way to change the height of a pillar via a script? The main difficult - pillar has some parts and details at the bottom, so I cat just scale on Z-axis. Is there a way to do it like in 3D software? ( without separating this details)

I’m afraid not. Static mesh is static. You can add armature in Blender and make it skeletal mesh, and then you can scale separate bones in UE if you need to do it at runtime. Or if you only have several non-arbitrary height variants, you can set them as shape keys in Blender, and morph between then in UE.

The editor now has mesh editing tools. You can cut it in half and then scale one half:

This is great, thanks, idk why I didn’t know about it earlier.

It even has the option to set pivot to the center of the geometry – that poor guy who tried to change the pivot of his turntable could have done it in one click.

One thing to keep in mind when using this addon: it changes the base asset, not the instance in the level. If you cut something in half and apply, it will be cut permanently in your content folder. My poor basic cone, on which I’ve just tested the addon, is now permanently mutilated.

Oh, this is new to me, too. I’ve checked on Trello but I can’t see anything there - is there a known ETA of something closer to 1.0? I don’t need any accidental mutilation, not right now.

That’s it I think but can’t see anything else. :expressionless:

Afraid I know no more… :slight_smile: