Scaling of objects imported into UD4

Im going to use Zbrush to model a table and some chairs and was wondering how scaling works between the two programs. I want more control over the size of things relative to the player model. Couple of questions:

How big (tall) is the default player actor that spawns with the basic First Person Shooter project blueprint?

When I design an object in Zbrush, how can I maintain specific size dimensions (say 3 and 1/2 ft tall) rather than just dragging it in as an actor and eyeballing the scale feature?

  1. dont know how tall the fps guy is, but the third person character is around 190cm tall -> in the orthographic view you can hold middle mouse button and measure anything
  2. 1uu = 1 cm -> so when you use the right scaling in zbrush + the right export settings, you shouldnt get any problems :slight_smile: