Scaling issues with adding a widget manually vs code

Using UMG 4.4, I’ve got a fairly complex list coming together. It is a list item which in itself has a list of items, all data driven.

The structure is this:
Screen widget, has a list of item widgets, which each have a list of material widgets.

I add the item widgets to the the list, and then fire a blueprint implemented event to take a created material widget and add it to the correct container in the item widget.

When I manually (in the designer) add an instance of the material widget to the item widget, it sizes fine. Through the blueprint event it comes in at about 1/2 size.

Here’s a screenshot.


The material on the left (X3) was manually added, the X1 was added in code and is an instance of the exact same widget, but for some reason is much smaller.

What’s going on here?

I do hope these crazy UMG bugs just go away when we upgrade to 4.5 but for now I am stuck with this version.

This was a bug in 4.4, it went away in 4.5

Hi Backov,

I am going to mark this question as answered since the error was fixed in 4.5. Please let us know if it begins again and we will be happy to investigate.