Scaling issue!!!!

I’ve been following this tutorial to the letter:

I’m trying to get my Landscape to look something like:

But it looks nothing like that, the applied soil material is either too small and way overtiled or looks like a macro closeup of Oscar the grouchs backside (Sorry Oscar, I loved you in sesame street!)

I’ve tried messing around with the material mapping scale setting as advised in the tutorial but its not working any ideas on what could be wrong and how to fix it?

Problem Screenshot? You probably mean the tiling of textures. For an example to sneak around that issue, look into the materials given as starter content.
Nobody shares their beloved materials anyway, it will take you weeks if not months to learn these proper :wink:

This is what it looks like with mapping scaling set to 0, any increase or decrease just makes it look more or less of the same, I need it to look like the above pic!

I’ve tried tiling same thing!

What elements do I need to change in the material to achieve the look I want?