scaling issue, need some infos.

Well Hello,

i decided to posted after testing thing right and left to become a little bit familiar with the dev kit.

before going into the issues, i’m not a dev or something i do that for fun and because i like to tamper with thing :stuck_out_tongue: so i have surely overlook the good thing to do :smiley:

i was trying to make a family of t-rex :smiley:
so i created 3 duplicated of the rex bp, rename them, add them to the gamedata bp, create a copy of the testmap to test (remove all those useless ramp and water from the map ^^) and make them spawn, until here it work, even the limiting of the range of level for each :smiley:

the name were easily selected :
Baby_rex (lvl 1-10)
Teen_rex (lvl 11-20)
Adult_rex (lvl 21-30)

you see where i go i’m sure :smiley:

after taking some time looking at the stats editing for them (still not completely sure of how it work since it is such a “whorehouse” (go see ps plz) in here :D) i decide to look at how to make them differentiable from the look, i did some test, from using the scale property of the meshe or the component in the transform categorie of the bp.

the two seem to work identically, reducing the size of the dino.
a nice family photo :smiley:

the issue i encounter is that if i forcetamed them to test and ride them, the player is also resize when riding them :s so if you ride the baby t-rex you become a Lilliputian :smiley:

see with the teen version (0.6 scale.)
normal player size
riding player size

so i’m here with my small player on a baby rex :smiley:

anybody know what i need to change to be able to have a normal size player on him? or if i need to use another method than the scale in the bp to change their size? (and if possible only the player, the saddle resizing is good and the glass too :p)

and another thing with the smaller version of the rex :
i did change some offset value for the attack to work properly, principally the attack offset in the dino bp, and the attack destination offset and attack range in the ai bp. (the dino stopped moving too far away from me so he attack for nothing, need to change the value to make it come close enough to actually touch me when attacking)

for now it seem to work, it’s just that do we have a way to see the unit of the meshe or anim somewhere so that we don’t have to randomly change the value? (i did think of duplicating the mesh of the rex and resize it then look at the floor and count the square would it work? )

i’m sure i will need to do some change in the physic too no?

i will have an issue later with the leveling, since i can’t seem to figure out how to change the scale of a dino when he lvl up (for the tamed one if you tame a lvl 1 it will forever stay small even at lvl 30 :s)
if only i could just specify a range of level per dino with special scale with only one bp :smiley:

well good luck to all of you modder for your project, especially cwm33 (yep i love it’s mod :D)

Ps : the “whorehouse” is a literal translation given by google for a word that i was not sure of how to translate it, and it give me only this translation no other option :stuck_out_tongue: you can test, b.ordel from french to english, b.ordel being the contrary of tidy in french, it is not the place where people can go look for woman xD
Edit : seriously the unreal forum censor french word but not english one? :smiley:

I have take another look on the issue of the player scaling today,

i did try to modify the meshe and not the scaling in the dino bp, but that change nothing :s (in the preview of the meshe the glass are not resize but in the game it is.)

i see that i am not the only one with this issue, mike with it’s alpha version have the same issue, if you ride an alpha raptor you become bigger :smiley:
and the mod bigger bronto and mammouth have this issue too.

i can’t find where the pawn choose to resize after ridding a dino, i’m almost sure it is on the saddle side since the dino is link to the saddle who is link to the pawn. the saddle resize itself when on a smaller dino, then the player resize itself when on a smaller saddle, or something like that.

i was thinking that maybe the only way to do it will be to export the meshe in a 3d program to resize it here then import the new size meshe in the dev kit? (hope not since i don’t know how to use 3d program :smiley: or even wich one to use for that :x )

so mike or other do you have some idea for this issue? :slight_smile:

Just so you know, both the “normal player size” photo and the “riding player size” photo are exactly the same image.

Besides that, I’m not exactly sure if this would effect the character in the same way, if you actually put a saddle on it instead of riding it without one via force tame. Did you try testing it with an actual saddle to see if it still resizes your pawn?

And also how exactly are you resizing the Rex(s)? I have a feeling the method you are using is causing this

  • Sinari

yes i did try to add a saddle and it didn’t change anything :s

i have try using :

  • scale in transform->mesh categorie of dino bp
  • scale in transform->CapsuleComponent categorie of dino bp
  • scale in meshe dino file

the 3 give the same result, so it is obviously not the good way to do it :smiley: that’s why i did came here to know if someone know how to do it the good way :smiley:

for the screenshot, when i click i see 2 different screen, one with the player standing on the dino and the other with a smaller player riding the dino

the clear link in case : (look carrefully, the first link he is standing, the second he is sitting on the invisible saddle :p)

Have you tried scaling it using the root component to it instead of the mesh or capsule?

I’ve yet to fiddle with re-sizing dino’s at all so I don’t think I have the answer to this one :confused:

Might wanna PM someone else who has done this successfully or wait for a Dev to respond with an explanation.

what do you mean by the root component?

it seem that all the other who have try to change the size of dino have this issue that’s why i post it here to see for other x)

I figured it was a mounting issue, once mounted the playerpawn becomes part of the dino it rides thus resizing it to fit… I’ve tried tons of fixs with no avail, funny thing it this does not appear to happen on all dinos…

I’d like to know how you managed to make the resized dinos smaller ones to get closer to attack, mine stays not far, but not attacking either, only if i get a little cloer then they bite.

You can change the attack range on each attack, try making it more/less

Like told up ahead change the attack range and you will need to change some values in the Dino ai BP to make them move correctly im at work now so cant say much will look later and maybe make à small tuto for It :wink:

To make sure the rider doesn’t lose/gain size you have to adjust the associate socket scale in the dino skeleton. Doing this at this current time has either crashed servers, or not transferred the changes made. For your experimentation, go into your dino’s skeleton, under the bone “back3” (i think) should be the “rider socket”. You can adjust that to change the scale of the rider when on the dino.

Let me know if you can get that working on a server, at this current moment I am not able to, but as soon as I figure it out, I will let you know.

azrael, if you change the dino size in the mesh of the dino directly the rider is not resize, did you try like that too?

I don’t know if this is helpful, but I found if you scale the playerpawn and hop on a dinosaur the scaling sticks. There’s an issue of the playerpawn hovering a little above the dino, but I imagine that’s a simple fix. So maybe try scaling the playerpawn up the amount you scale your dinosaurs down.

Yes, that is how I do it, but usually once you change the scale of the dino, it also changes the placement of the rider. So you have to go into the dino’s skeleton to adjust the socket offsets to ensure that the rider is going to be placed correctly. This is also where you can confirm that the scale on this specific socket is set to 1, 1, 1. It’s not common at all, but I have seen it get weird before :wink:

I did a little more testing, just out of curiosity. If you scale your dinosaur in its blueprints and your player pawn in its blueprints for some reason your player pawn will revert to being tiny. This can be fixed!

In your dinosaurs blueprints:

-Make an ‘Event Possessed’
-Make a ‘Get Player Pawn’, drag the ‘Return Value’ out and make a ‘Set Actor Scale 3D’
-Create a ‘Make Vector’ with your pawns desired new scale and hook that into the set scale node.
-Hook the event to the set scale node and compile!

If you need the rider to move up or down just attach a node the moves the pawns z location.

Hopefully this helps.