Scaling is extremely sensitive in static mesh editor, impossible to use

I’ve been having an issue with scaling where the scaling is extremely sensitive, specifically when scaling collision shapes when editing static meshes, and I’m lost as to why this is happening.

It is so, so, very sensitive that I was convinced for a while the issue was snapping was somehow staying on despite having turned it off. I eventually realized snapping was truly off — it was just changing the scale dramatically with every movement of my cursor from one pixel to the next. Changing the speed of my mouse doesn’t fix anything, because the scale will still change just as dramatically from each pixel to the next, regardless of how slowly my cursor moves from pixel to pixel. I’m literally unable to get more precise than the pixel-density of my display.

I’ve seen some posts suggesting changing the sensitivity of the scale tool and the other transform tools is only a feature request at the moment, but it’s hard for me to believe I would be stuck with sensitivity this insanely high.

As an example of why this is such an issue, if I’m trying to add a simple box collision to a box-shaped mesh it is literally impossible to scale it to the correct size. The scaling is so sensitive the box can either be slightly too small, so my character would clip in if walking into it, or slightly too big, so my character would float if standing on top of it. As far as I can tell, there’s no option to transform collision shapes via text like you can with actors in the level editor.

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You can just type the new scale into the transform box in the object details. Much easier :slight_smile:

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