Scaling from the edge

Hi all,

Not being using UE4 for long (long enough to realise it is amazing though!). To the question, one little thing that is irritating is that I can’t find a way to choose where to scale an object from, for example if I pull out a default piece of geometry such as a box and I position it correctly along a certain axis - I would then like to be able to scale it out from the left or right to fill a gap. Instead it is set to the center so both sides scale outwards making it difficult to get the right size.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks for the advice, I have searched around and cannot find anything.

Hi Torrm89,

Scaling is taking place from the pivot location. If the Box brush that you dragged out has it’s pivot at the center of the mesh it’s going to scale based off this position and not the edge.

You can move the pivot (temporarily) by clicking middle mouse button and selecting the white dot on the translation tool to move it where you would like. When you click away from the mesh it will move back to its original pivot location though.

If you need the pivot to be a specific spot it’s best to create a mesh in a 3d modeling software and import that to UE4.

Thank you!


I was going to ask for help with a similar issue but in UE5 and with sprite scaling, but realized there was an easy solution that required no code work or modifying a pivot point while I was typing my question. I’m just gonna make the sprite (it’s for a health bar) half transparent on one side, and twice as wide as normal, so it’s actually scaling from pivot, but appears to scale from the side I want.

I am ashamed to admit it took me way too long to figure out that easy solution. XD