Scaling Bones

Is there a way to scale a character’s bone without scaling its children?

From anim BP.

No, but you can scale its immediate children by the reciprocal amount.

For example, if you scale the bicep in all directions by 2 and you want the forearm and its children to appear unscaled, just scale the forearm in all directions by 0.5 (constant of 1 divided by the amount by which the parent was scaled, 1/2 in this example). Then the forearm and all children under it will appear to not be scaled.

Keep in mind that if a bone has multiple children you will need to accommodate for all of them. So if your chest bone has attached breast, collar (left and right) and neck bones you will have to scale all of them by the reciprocal.

Thanks, that helped.

Sorry, i do not see a single thing on that page that responds to the question at hand. Could you clarify?

You don’t see the Scale option in the image the docs have on them?

Sure, but i do not see anything having to do with not scaling the children, which is the question.