Scaling based on cameras

The setup is  atube of 48 cameras on a plastic frame, we use RC to generate a 3D model of a hand using the pictures. I am looking for a way to scale the model with a CLI python script, based on a fixed distance between 2 cameras. I read about exporting the XMP files of an already scaled model, this however is not the best solution due to the frame being unreliable.

My question: Is there another way to scale based on a fixed distance between the cameras?

Hi Pieter,

             It is not possible to define the distance between cameras. You need geolocation data, or you can define the distance between 2 controls points. To create control points, you can generate markers in Reality Capture. Then you can define the distance between the control points by importing a .txt file with the defined distance. This can be done using the detectMarkers, and the defineDistance commands. You can find more information about this in the “Scaling a Scene” section of the in app help.

Hi Pieter,

               also if you have scaled your scene, you can use the method of exporting XMPs even with your unreliable frame, but be sure to export the XMPs as Draft, if the frame is not fixed.