Scaling Anchor Point

When I scale, it scales from the centre of the object, which can make positioning some objects difficult. I was wondering, is there a way to change where it scales from?

Drag the pivot with the middle mouse button to another position and then you can scale it from there. :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks a lot!

Another question I have, relating to precision: sometimes I can’t zoom in close enough to an area because the move/rotate/scale widget would be off screen. Can I make it teleport into view?

And another thing: sometimes I zoom in using the mouse wheel when I’m too far, and I go past the model. Then I zoom out and I’m too far again. It can be hard to get a comfortable spot. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity?

Hi Kman,

You can adjust this by going to the editor preferences > viewports > see image below


Thank you!


Thanks Tim!

One last tangent question: when using one of the position/rotation/scale tools, can I change the sensitivity of the action? Like in some programs where you can hold ctrl to get that extra precision? Or do I have to lower my mouse sensitivity in the same manner of the zoom sensitivity?

Thanks again