Scaling an object so that it fits perfectly ("snap") between two ojects


This is probably a trivial question, but I really couldn’t find any help. (And forgive me if I am in the wrong section)

I have 2 big boxes. In between, I have a smaller box. I want to scale that box so that it fits perfectly.

Right now, my options are :

  • Hope that the boxes are snapped to grid and write down the exact value (not possible most of the time)
  • Scale by trying to be as precise as I can. But sometimes, it is not possible, especially if the space between the two outer boxes is very large
  • Make the central box too large. I hate this method. What if later I want this middle box to be movable?

Thank you for any input!

Go into the top view and then just scale it that the outer lines of the boxes fit together -> probably not the best solution but it’s pretty easy :wink: