Scaling a texture in regular Blueprint

I have a public variable of type ‘Texture’ in a regular, not Material, Blueprint.

How do I scale this texture?

If it were a Material Blueprint I would simply use a TextureCoordinate node but this doesn’t exist in regular Blueprints.

Hi @eco_bach2
I am not completely sure man ,
but i dont think texture alone have a “scale”

If you are out of the material there are only a couple of ways to “Use” a texture , apply and scale.
For example you can add a billboard component and set a texture to be displayed.
But the texture dont have a scale, you scale the billboardcomponent !
Otherwise you are almost always referring to something that have a material … am i right?

How are you trying to use / set the scale of the texuture?

Let me know if i misunderstood completely or if you get a solution