Scaling a Landscape?

I’ve imported a height map created in World Machine into UE4. The Landscape scale shows 100 in all axes, but the landscape in UE4 Landscape Mountains demo is scaled to 500 in the z-axis. Is it scaled or default?

And do scaling a landscape inside UE4 has any kind of impact on performance or anything?

Thank You.

It is scaled up, and you can scale up your landscape as much as you like as long as you dont need precise collision with it. i.e. in landscape mountains demo you dont interact with the landscape, you fly over it so certain collision glitches that may happen are ignorable. But then, i have an 8k landscape scaled up to 125 and i havent noticed any drastic issues when i drive all around it with my car. So you’ll need to make tests and decide for yourself.

@Jacky Thanks a lot…I encountered some collision issues with Landscape Mountain demo when played with a third person player controller. Now I no why.