Scaleform UI Developer issues


First off let me say I am NOT about to whine. I am just pointing out some issues as a UI developer now I have a license for Unreal 4 and had a browse at the features.

  1. The lack of Scaleform has really thrown a spanner in the works for me personally. I understand that middleware is now an external licensing issue but it make me cry a little inside as my area of focus is with Scaleform in particular.

  2. The Slate system seems great for UI design within applications and for 2d elements but what about the 3d elements we are used to using? Will there be full 3d intergration with Slate along the lines of Scaleform? Will it be better or worse?

  3. Whilst waiting for documentation and features with Slate are we supposed to settle for minimalistic and potentially terrible looking interfaces? So we have to go back to Canvas for some resemblance of speed when we work?

  4. With Scaleform gone and only available as middleware, does the indie developer get sidelined when they require scaleform functionality and cannot afford to get the license? Are they sidelined because Autodesk’s policy is one of vetted companies that can turn away an indie developer for being a one-man show?

  5. Does anyone in the community recognise the abandonment of Scaleform as an opportunity to create a public domain plugin that coveres the same functionality that Scaleform does? Knowing flash as I do, I can see it being quite easy to implement the communication level between Flash->Unreal but as I am not a C++ 3D graphics programmer I have trouble visualising the actual rendering process. Would it be fairly easy to implement an active-x style embed process into the engine?

So with those points made and questions asked I have to say bravo on the engine. The Blueprints system seems 100% legit (although I will miss Unrealscript) and the extensibility factor is amazing. I can’t wait to see the publically released extensions of the codebase in the coming years :smiley:


I know this is an older thread, but wanted to chime in that I’m also in this boat. I’m a UI Designer with a focus on Flash feeling particularly boned right now due to Scaleform’s high licensing fees and no alternative Flash-based solutions. The html-5 solutions are interesting and I suppose I need to head in that direction, but there’s also a lack of Mac support there which is a problem for me personally because it’s the only system I can get UE4 to run on. Oi.

I am very happy to let you know that already has a Mac support. I can send you over a free copy of our fully-functional trial if you’d like. Just send me a PM here or an e-mail at :slight_smile:


And while it’s not Flash, the Unreal Motion Graphics updates will make developing a UI much better.

when will be available the unreal motion graphics ? in the next update 4.4?

UMG is already available in current engine release. You need to run the engine with -umg commandline. Then you can create UMG Widgets from Content Browser (under User Interface –> Widget Blueprint).

thanks for the info, ryanjon2040