Scaleform smooth scrolling list

Not sure if anyone will answer this, but I’d like to know if it’s possible to create a smooth scrolling list in scaleform.

The example implementations provided in UDK render each ListItemRenderer as the the list scrolls. Meaning it’s not possible that half of a list item is displayed and so the scrolling jerks down through the items as you scroll.

Is it not possible to use a ScrollPane?

Do you mean that, half of the ListItemRenderer is not displayed from left to right ? or from up to down? or what do you mean at all ?

Sorry i didn’t explain myself very well. What I mean is that the example list in UDK doesn’t actually scroll at all, it’s simply swapping out the list items to give the illusion of scrolling.

I’m surprised there isn’t an example scaleform component for a scrolling pane that simply hides what’s overflowing the container, and allows the user to scroll up and down through the inner content.

Perhaps AS2 or AS3 Window for that ? I belive then there is true scrolling I’m not sure though.

Yeah, i guess you’re right. I’d have to figure out how to integrate my themed scrollbar. I was just wondering if there was an existing scaleform Clik component.

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

In the Scaleform example files, there’s definitely a scrolling list. It doesn’t do a ton, but I know you can give it a DataProvider to set the text in the list. You can give it a listener to find out when the user clicks on it, and you can see if the index changed, and then do something based on the whatever the new index is.

If you need something more robust than that, you have to do a totally custom solution. This scrolling list, for example…

…has a lot going on. Everything scrolls together, but then because I have a finite number of image filenames, I have to recycle them when I scroll new characters onto the screen, and each one has a listener that calls a function that gets created at runtime because each portrait calls up a different character by index, and each portrait’s related index number changes depending on how many times I’ve scrolled down…

But hopefully the built-in scrolling lists do what you need them to do.

Thanks so much for the response @Nathaniel3W. I didn’t realize there was something like this in the scaleform example files. I’ll check it out for sure :slight_smile: