Scaleform movies sometimes take a long time to close

When changing resolution I made it so that the swf HUD gets switched to another one depending on the aspect ratio since they can’t be made to adapt automatically, but sometimes the old HUD movies will sit there for a couple of seconds or sometimes even get stuck, what could be the cause of this?
I’m closing the movies with the Close() function from the GFxMoviePlayer class.

I’ve never had any trouble with closing movies. Maybe you’ll be able to figure out what’s going wrong with UDK | GameplayProfiler

Thanks for the tip, but I found the source of the problem and decided to just work around it.

Basically trying to close and initialize movies while the game is paused (i.e while you’re fiddling around in the options) causes problems, so it’s best to delay all those operations to the first unpaused frame, rather than trying to process them immediately while still in the options.

Oh, right! I remember running into that same issue. My specific issue though was that Kismet would not run while the game was paused. And I was doing a lot of work with my menus in Kismet.

One more caveat for you: Don’t try calling any ActionScript in the time between when you call Close() and the time when the movie actually closes. It will cause a hard crash with no useful information in the log. I protect myself against that now by setting a boolean PendingClose when I want to close the menu, and then I put an “if(PendingClose) return;” before any ActionScript calls.

Cool, thanks for the info, with any luck there is no more trouble with Scaleform from here on.