Scaleform Licenses

UDK came with a Scaleform license and required connectivity via Kismet. The benefits for this were great. For one, a Scaleform license is pricey but more so, for UE4 you need to go through a vetting process that I was actually turned down for. I understand that I am an independent designer but Flash Based UI design worked best for me because I am not a programmer and even with a license directly from Autodesk, I would still have some difficulties with integration.

As with most things in UE4, features seemed to be designed with artists and non-coders in mind. Also I understand the mindset involved with creating an internal tool such as Slate to solve multiple issues. But as it stands today, there is an extreme learning curve with too few resources catering directly to artists.

So my petition is to, at a minimum, integrate Scaleform in UE4. I, and I am sure others, would happily find a way to pay a licensing fee if the tools were already available and could be connected via Blueprint.

Just my thoughts. Thank you!