Scaleform Launcher plugin in Adobe Animate 2019 opens wrong SWF file

In Animate, I’ll work on something and then I’ll want to test it. I go over to the Scaleform Launcher, click on “Test with: GFxMediaPlayerD3d9” and then a completely different file runs. Sometimes it will cycle through all of the files in the folder.

It started doing this a few months ago. Restarting my computer seems to resolve the issue for a while, but it eventually comes back.

And maybe related or not, Animate seems to crash for no reason and with no explanation ever few hours if I’m not using it. If I leave Animate open, and leave my computer for a few hours, Animate will often have closed. Then when I open Animate again, it prompts me to open RECOVER_[file name]. It started doing that a few months ago too.

Have any of you had this issue? Have you found a way to fix it?

Edit: I just deleted all of the swf files in the folder, and now that there’s only one file (the one I’m currently working on), it seems to work.

I work without internet for that reason. When it comes to UDK. Strange stuff happens update after update.