Scaleform Integration with Github

Hi guys,

Is there anyone who managed to integrate scaleform into github’s version 4.1.1?
we managed to get a an evaluation license from scaleform.

However, upon integrating , we’re getting errors of

Unable to find ScaleformUIClasses.h no such file or directory. THis error is found in the EngineLoop

We have 2 folders, one called Scaleform and one ScaleformUI.

I believe this had more to do with integration skill rather than scaleform itself.
And that’s something we haven’t got experience with. We’ve read the documentation by epic on third party library but it seems all
the target files are in place.

Yes, merging the 4.1.1 snapshot codebase with Scaleform April integration code should be straightforward and works almost out-of-the-box.
The problems you have mentioned are possibly a merge error (i.e. some of the Build.cs were messed up).

Try following steps:

  1. Get a clean UE4-4.1.1 codebase with extracted too (otherwise you won’t be able to build Debug Editor configuration). Be sure to remove all Intermediate folders, as this cause issues when generating projects.
  2. Follow all steps from Scaleform integration guide, including removal of XboxOne and PS4 folders and applying a hotfix. You can safely overwrite files.
  3. In Scaleform.Build.cs change the toolchain used from MSVS12 to MSVS13, and same in the windows configuration file. I believe it would work with MSVS12 too, however I did not test it.
    Then you should be able to build all configurations with exception to Shipping one.

@Frozenfire we are having similar issues trying to integrate Scaleform while porting our game.
Are you targeting any mobile platforms? iOs/Android

Autodesk sales person confirmed they don’t support mobile, which I find it strange, since they already have native support on both iOS and Android
and we already purchased licenses assuming it would work in UE4.

Any info is helpful, thanks.