Scaleform and DirectX11

I use scaleform and I would like to use DX11. The problem, I don’t have the gfxexporter able to render on DX11. So, I wonder if someone use scaleform with DX11.

Hmmm, I’ve never had a problem with my scaleform huds rendering in DX11.

What is happening with your huds when you run your game? Is there an data in the logs that might indicate the issue?

How are you creating/exporting your swf files?

Oh, wait. I wanted to record a video to show what happened, but I don’t have issues today.
I’ve got glitches like this:

So I’ve analyzed changes and it was an GFX_IME bug. Since I recompiled with WITH_GFx_IME=0, it’s working correctly.

From pure curiosity, did you implemented any pbr ,lightning/rendering or any dx11 optimizations/ features? (fake global illumination etc.) I see you use vulkan , so a full source code ue3 or was it still udk?

I planned to add Nvidia Reflex & AMD FSR, so I need to run my game on DX11. But, I never use DX11 because of scaleform glitches I’ve got.
Now it is fixed, I have to test DX11 performances. From my first try, something is wrong, performances are very poor. It is maybe due to my settings.
I will check if Scaleform movies published with GFxMediaPlayerD3d9 have a negative impact.

About vulkan, it’s an analyse beteewn DX9 and DXVK: ( doitsujin/dxvk: Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 for Linux / Wine (
You have just to add dlls in your folder apps and run it.

PS: Full source UE3.

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Thank you .If by any chance you find a way to improve dx11, please let the small dev community we have here know.Toward the end of this link you can find a few tips on what to turn off in order to run dx11 smoother to get you started.

Thanks. From what I’ve tested, DX11 isn’t a good option for me. The engine is not stable, the performances are too bad and I don’t need DX11 features to render. So I will forget Nvidia Reflex and the FSR at this moment and more focus on D3D9On12.

Out of interest do you know what exactly is suffering performance issues in DX11?

ie: Have you isolated the reduced performance to any particular system in the engine. My guess is that you may just have some features which are disabled in DX9, being enabled automatically (materials with tessellation, etc) and causing the performance cost you mention.

Generally i don’t think there is any real difference in performance between the two renderers if they are running the same feature set.

Edit: Oh i just read the report Chosker posted (thanks the for the link @O_and_N ), and he has highlighted several systems that run slower (and some workarounds).

I’m still on DX9, but fully intend to switch at some point in the future (though it’s pretty low priority for me).