Scaled actor has broken collision

Hello! I have a problem where the collision on my actor messes up somehow when I scale it in game. I’m using a mechanic where I hold an object and when I use my scroll wheel the object will grow in size, however when the object is small and I make it big, things mess up.

Here’s a video showing the glitch

The two cubes come from the same actor, one was just scaled beforehand. The scaled one goes through the floor and I don’t know why. Any help?

Hard to say exactly without having a bit of a look under the hood, A few settings that I would check though are, turn on CCD in the advanced collision options and if it’s a physics actor, which it seems to be turn on “ShouldUpdatePhysicsVolume” in the advanced Physics options.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: I turned them both on and it didn’t change anything. The cube still bounces and goes through the floor