Scale, units and unreal 4

Hey, how do i setup units to match unreals, and how many units is average human height in unreal units :frowning:

UE4 now use Centimeters as it’s default unit of measurement. So one Unreal Unit (UU) is equal to one Centimeter(CM). All you have to do inside 3Ds is change your units from the default of Units to Centimeters and you should be good to go. As for the average Human height in UU, well a quick Google search says that the average height for a human is about 165 CM.

1uu = 1cm
Here you can see how to change it to cm -> Also make sure to export the mesh with the cm scale. :slight_smile:

@ Sam Deiter
You are too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks m80s for help :slight_smile: