Scale System Using Physics?

Hello everyone!

Here is what I’m trying to do.

I’m trying to make a scale system using physics. So the system will have two platforms that the player can stand on, the heavier platform will go down making the other platform go up. I want this system to work with physics.

Any ideas? If you want to visualize it a little better, it should work like a real scale.

It can be as simple as setting up physics constraints:


Image from Gyazo

Or as complex as you want to make it. Have you played with the constraints yet?

Hey there man, thanks for the help.

Yeah, I’ve played with the constraints a little and from the look of it, they are pretty straightforward. The example you put here is of a seesaw it will come in handy when I implement that mechanic into the game so thank you! However, the example I’m looking for is how you would do it with two separate platforms, any ideas?


So the top bar is static and the platforms extend vertically up / down only with nothing else moving. More like an old-school elevator system with a weight on each side. I think I got it.

I’ll have think. Looks fun.

Yup like that. Thanks, buddy =)