Scale room but keep wall width

Hello forums.

I’m currently trying to implement placeable rooms into my game. I intend to have some default room size, but give the player the ability to scale the room in one direction at a time. The UI for this should look somewhat like this (notice the arrows on either side of the room’s 4 walls):

Whenever either of these arrows are clicked, the room should expand in a certain amount, towards that arrow axis. This will change the width of the walls, as I intended to simply scale the mesh.

How would I go about implementing this functionality without messing with the width of the walls?

Hey, did you ever find a solution? I’m looking for something similar!

The room shouldn’t be one single mesh, but 4 meshes: 4 walls.

Not really. I took a different approach to this, and ended up with a completely different implementation.

I’m actually facing the exact same issue so can you share your implementation?