Scale problems

So one problem that I have noticed which is more of a nuisance happens when exporting my models out of blender the scale is way to small. Even if I import the fbx third person model and set the scale around that its still to small. Has anyone else ran into this problem if so how did you remedy it?

Try setting up blender to use metric units instead of blender units. Then as long as you model with the correct metric measurements you should be fine. If not you can always set the fbx scale at the blender export screen to something bigger than one

1 blender unit is the same size as 1 unreal unit.

@BIrvin, how are you setting the scale?

Im not setting it at all. I just imported the blue guy as an fbx to ensure i got the scale right in blender. Everything is set to default values

oh I see, after you’ve imported it to blender in object mode select the armature/skeleton and scale up by 100 and then apply scale and it should be the right size in blender units so you can then export with scale set to 1 and when you import to UE4 it should be the correct size.

a couple of notes:

1: that^^ is if you’ve left blenders units at the default settings.
2: you will need to fix some other stuff in blender before you export EG: apply smoothing groups/fix the armature…ect

hope that helps:)

should get me started thanks. Little off topic but whats this stuff I’m seeing under my name in the forums? Earlier I was supporter now I’m an Infiltrator.

they are title type things, it changes based on the number of posts you’ve made, this thread should explain more:)