scale of skeleton mesh get smaller than mesh in unreal engine 5 why?

i work on this for 3 day and i didnt even figure it out what is the problem
i create simple cube and add some bones to it

then i use set parent to with automatic weight in blender 3.1 and in 2.8 as well

then i use send2ue plugin for unreal and in unreal all the bone gets smaller
even the bone after root bone get scale of zero

i work on it for 3 days but i didnt get what is the problem . this is very simple and basic why should i get stuck

I test unit of 1.0 and 0.01 before createing mesh and befor creating bones and after them as well
i did test 2 version of unreal 4.27 , 5.0.1
i did test 3 version of blender 3.1 , 2.8.3 , 2.8.0

ohh blender…

Problem is blender works in m and unreal in cm, just it! I was crazy too…

Try playing with this…

The scene:

The root: