Scale of Physics Object Changed but Get Mass not Correct

I’m pretty new to UE4 so please excuse anything obvious I’m missing.

I have an object that changes scale via an input. I can see in the outliner that the MassInKg is being calculated accordingly, but when it enters a trigger that gets the mass it doesn’t show correctly.

Scale 1.0:

Scale 0.7:

My test to get the mass always shows the mass at 1.0 scale, BP:

Get Mass Value during execution:

Object mass at the same point in time (via outliner > details):

Example gif showing mass changing on the object details with the debug print of GetMass of the same object when changing the scale up and down:

Am I missing something here? How can I get the correct ‘up to date’ mass of the items within the collision area?


I hadn’t hooked it up yet, only 1 component currently. Now hooked up and edited the screenshot but still only printing the mass of the item before the scale changes.

You’re printing only 1 element of that array. You sure that’s correct? If you’re thinking you’re adding all of them, you’re not.

If you’re trying to count mass of all components, try it like so:

I hadn’t fully hooked it up, was just testing and noticed the mass was wrong. Original post updated with a gif showing an example