Scale of Object and Value of Parameter

Where can I the Input Parameter Scale of certain Function in a Blueprint

Example “Add Impulpe at location” or “Add force”. The Impulse or Force is give via an vector. Is the Vectorforce (x,y,z) in Newton (m/s^2) or in kilonewtor and the same goes for the Impulse.

Example “Wind”: The Windspeed which dimension does it have is it meter per second.

Forces in Unreal are measured (expressed) in centiNewtons because the base unit for length/distance is cm and not meters (so 1 unit of Unreal force = 1/100N = 0.01N). Torques are measured in centiNetwons*cm for the same reason (so 1 unit of Unreal torque = 1/10,000Nm = 0.0001Nm).