Scale object on box collision

Hi Guys,

This might be an easy one to solve but I’m struggling. I need to scale a static mesh box on Y axis when an another object intesects a box collision in the blueprint. I can make it go up to the scale I need but need for it to come back down when the collision ends. Something like a thermometer rising and lowering when you roll over or out. The key is that it needs to go up and down from the point it was last intersected and not reset to the start. I have tried using a Timeline but this doesn’t work for me.

Anyone know how this can be achieved?


Can you add to that a bit? When intersection ends, it goes back to normal, but when it starts again, it has to go from the last expansion and carry on?

Assuming you did mean that - this is what I have:


and the main loop:

Default values of YScale and ScaleFactor are 1 and 1.001

The BP just has a cube and a collision box in it.

Going to try and do a little vid now…


Yes until intersection ends then its would go down again from that point. Its so hard to explain but easy to visualise.

Then just use this:


Cool I will give this a go! Thanks for your help.