Scale mesh and animations for it?

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes.
Hi there. I am a student and my team has been working on a game, I have been in charge of animating, but currently I am having an issue. We want to scale down the Player mesh, however it has already been animated with the larger one. Is there a way to scale the skelemesh/animations for the mesh in Unreal?

If you scale the skeletal mesh, the animations should scale seamlessly. In the case of scripted IK’s, I think you should be converting any vectors to local/relative space otherwise you’re SOL. What issues exactly are you having?

Can I scale the skeletal mesh in Unreal? Or would it have to be outside? Also if in Unreal I can’t seem to find how to permanently scale down the skeletal mesh in the settings for it and all the tutorial I see seem to have it in a different area/under a different name so what am I looking for in the 2018 version?

Import Uniform scale is what I’ve tried prior but it doesn’t seem to change the size when pulled into the scene
I don’t really know what I’m doing on the editor side. I’m not really working on the in project stuff but they seem to think the imported skelemesh has to be smaller and to do that I have to seemingly re-rig the entire thing because shrinking it down causes the pivot point to act like it’s in the position of the unscaled version. But if scaling in Unreal would scale the animations it would make the process a lot easier, but I need to test on my end but can’t seem to perma-scale the skeletal mesh.

It sounds like you’re scaling the object while using sequencer, if that’s the case you have to readjust every transform keyframe for the new scale (or go through and delete all other Scale key-frames).