Scale material coordinates on FluidSurfaceActor

I’m using the fluid surface actor to place water surfaces on my map. The mesh is always one fixed size. When I scale the mesh, I can’t see how to scale the material on it.

I know that I can scale the texture coords in the material, however I’m going to have many bodies of water on the map and I’d prefer not to have a different material per water surface.

Any ideas?


I think that does what you want. I made a material instance constant from that, entered a value of maybe 0.01, and put that material on a cube. I scale the cube up and down, but the scale of the material stays the same.

I’ve tried the following, which seems like it should work, however it prints this error:

Function ObjectScale: (Node TransformPosition) Local to World with position is only available in the vertex shader

Any ideas how I can get this working?

It seems the internet vortex destroyed my previous response. To sum up: Never tried using the ObjectScale node before. Did you try the material I posted above? If you enter a nonzero value for that parameter, I think it should work (at least along the XY plane). The trick is in adding a unique offset for the XY coordinates of every pixel instead of trying to multiply by the scale.