Scale image between two given points: how?

Hi all,
I plan to dynamically scale my image between two given points. So: I have this image and I want UE to set its scale so it stretches but fits between point A and point B. No matter where I set those points, I want this image to follow and stretch or compress. How to do this?

Quite simple, wonder why it took me this long. Guess I’m getting old.
To the matter at hand: I have the base distance between my two points. That is when the image is not stretched. At every time either A or B moves, I calculate the distance (be it a simple subtraction or a Pitagore’s thesis, hope I did not butcher the english phenomenon too much). I give both of these an ABS, then I divide the actual distance by the base distance. That being said, I create a Vector2d (in my case) out of the float by keeping the X scale at 1.0 as I need the Y to be modified. I then apply a set render scale given the vector and voila.
I leave it here in case someone else would need it.