Scale Factor problem in low android device

I have a packaged game to my android , i want to set the r.SetRes or r.screenpercentage before the game start but the GameUserSettings.ini is getting clear after every launch in my android so is there are any way that i can set these setting before my game launch ?

When i execute command r.SetRes in the game my screen get cropped with black boarder in the side and not getting the right fit so any reason why ?

btw i want to know above answer coz when i put the mobile scale factor to less than 1 my screen get cropped in a wrong way and not fit the screen so i want to get above answer to manually lower the resolution before the game start that might fix the problem . i already ask the qustion in answer hub but nothing since 2 days

note : my android is mali400 galaxy beam

used 4.8 , 4.9 and 4.10


You shouldn’t modify the resolution on Android.
Instead use r.MobileContentScaleFactor to improve performance (eg. r.MobileContentScaleFactor of 0.5 renders at half resolution).

On 4.9 and up Android (and iOS) have a ‘device profile selector’ that sets r.MobileontentScaleFactor automatically for you based on the device UE4 is running on.
Look at [Engine install dir]\Engine\Config\BaseDeviceProfiles.ini in the [/Script/AndroidDeviceProfileSelector.AndroidDeviceProfileMatchingRules] section - this controls what profile is associated with each device.
More at Setting Up Device Profiles in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation

The default device profile setup has scale factors of 0.8 and 0.5.
If you are using UMG this means that you layouts will need to scale/display properly at the lowest resolution.
eg. Default 1280x720 (landscape) * scale factor of 0.5 = 640x360.

The reason i want to change the resolution is because when i use the MobileContentScaleFactor my screen get cropped and i get some weird black border in my device so i want to change the resolution for this device only as it runs perfect in high end device .and i want to know how can i execute any command before the game launch , if you know where can i put commands to be executed before the game launch it will be great help for me :slight_smile: thanks

Any tips pls ? how to execute commands before the game launch ?