Scale each square of the Cellnoise by individual origins in Material editor?

Is it possible to create individual origins for each square in the vector noise node in the material editor and be able to scale them by each square origins in ue4 or ue5 equally?
This is possible with the tile sampler node in a lot of 2d texture authoring softwares like designer, Texture lab, material maker e.t.c. Wonder if ue4 does the same.

Will appreciate any info that could halp make this possible.

Hi, the texcoord node plugged into a frac node should get you most of the way there.

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@NotSoAccurateNo1 Hi, NotSoAccurateNo1.

Thank you for the suggestion. Any chance you could pls post a screenshot of the set up with the nodes if you can? If you can’t thats also okay. I am a total noob where material expressions and maths is involved.

I am not sure what nodes to use after plugging texturecord to frac in order to get the squares to scale from their individual origins.

I really appreciate the info you just gave.

Sorry about that, had a hard time fixing my wifi card.

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Sorry to hear about your wifi card. Thanks a lot for the node setup post.

Maybe that post here is what you are looking for, it looks a lot like the results i find, when searching for tile nodes:

His Blog Post with the blueprints:

And i think, i copy that for myself too ^.^

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